Züm Hosting Officially Launches!

It’s been very exciting for us over here at Zum (pronounced ZOOM) for the past few months. Being in the web design/development business for so many years, our team knows exactly what hosting customers want and need. Blazing fast download speeds, feature and code rich services, and reliable technical support. We have the perfect hosting platform that maintains just that!

What about your pricing?

Our hosting packages start at $10/month per website.

Other hosting poviders offer lower rates, sacrificing support and server performance for dirt cheap prices. Züm Hosting offers the best of both worlds: fully managed hosting, premium support, and exceptional performance.

Your $10/month hosting package will perform better than a $50/month MediaTemple package.

Do you guys have a referral program?

We are working on that as we speak and would like nothing more than to reward the good folks that recommend us. We won’t be charge you $100 to resell for us like the other folks. Just an honest referral check. You send us business, we send you money (or hosting credit if you prefer). It’s that simple!

Why should we switch from our current hosting provider?

As web professionals, we know what a pain it is to transfer hosting providers. The simple fact is that we are 100% committed to providing the best hosting experience. We stay up to date on programming and 3rd party apps and we are agile enough to know exactly what you want. We don’t have to please the masses, just you!

Thanks for taking part in our launch and we look forward to serving you.

Jason Cooke on behalf of Kenneth Reitz and Zum Hosting, LLC.